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Motor Vehicle Sales Economic Data

The motor industry is one that can be heavily affected by a downturn in the economy of any country, and as such if the number of new vehicles is on the increase then that is a good sign that the country experiencing those high car sales is doing well.

imagesIf you are a Binary Options trader then in the first week on August the US releases the Motor Vehicles Sales Report and by taking note of that report when released you are going to find if there has been a year on years increase in the number of new cars sold or a drop in the number.

As a trader you will be basing a lot of your motor industry related trades on that report and it is therefore vital you get hold of a copy and study it in detail. For it will not only be car manufacturers that start to increase or decrease their profits when sales are up or down it will be all of the other companies who supply parts to those vehicle manufacturers.

If there is a marked decrease in the number of new cars being sold then people will be holding onto their older vehicles for longer which could see those car part suppliers increasing their turnover which in turn will see the share prices of those companies increase, but possibly not as much as they would when the number of new cars start to increase in number.

Where to Place Trades on the Motor Vehicle Market Sector

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