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August Economic Binary Option Trading Calendar

Should you be looking to place a range of different Binary Options trades during August, then there will always be economic data released throughout this month which is going to have an instant impact in regards to the share values of many different companies, the price of commodities as well as it can and often does have an instant effect on the value of worldwide indices.

With that in mind we have compiled the following Economic Calendar that will give you an overview of when lots of data is announced, and as such we invite you to read through it for if you can pre-guess and make a good judgement call on the data released then you will be able to place well throughout trades which will result in you making continuous profits.

Should you require a much deeper definition in regards to any of the data categories listed below then please follow the respective links as all will be revealed to you when you do!

August Week One

Motor Vehicle Sales – Car sales are always going to give you an indication as to whether a country is financial sound, more so when the number of new car sales in on the increase. In the first week of August the Motor Vehicle Sales report is released and it is a vital report to read if you are interested in placing trades on the Motoring market sector.

Construction Spending – Knowing just how much is being invested in the house building industry is something that should interest many Binary Options traders, and the Construction Spending facts and figures are released in August and this report does contain lots of valuable information.

PMI Manufacturing Index – This is the Purchasing Managers’ Manufacturing Index report which is a monthly questionnaire sent out to private companies, the aim of which is to give the reader once the report has been compiled a full overview of how the manufacturing private market sector is performing.

ISM Manufacturing Index – over 300 purchase managers are asked to contribute to the ISM Manufacturing Index report that is available in the first week on August and for those of you interested in very relevant trading figures then this is another report and index worth taking note of.

August Week Two

Jobless Claims – One vital indicator as to whether a country as a whole is going to be at the top of its game in regards to manufacturing output is just how many people are unemployed and employed in that country. In the second week of August the US released data in regards to how many claims for unemployment insurance there currently are and as such add this report to your every growing list one reports to take note of.

Retail Sales – If you are an avid Binary options trader who is seeking out the best trading opportunities on the retail market sector, then one report you should ensure you get access to in the second week in August is the Retail Sales report, which will give you a complete overview of this often quite volatile market sector.

Import and Export Prices – You will find the Import and Export Prices report and interesting read, more so if you are considering placing Binary Options trades on home grown US based companies and companies based abroad that mainly export their goods to the US.

Business Inventories – Knowing just how much stock is held in the warehouses of many different companies will soon give you an indication of whether any company is performing well or if they are not. The Business Inventories report will enlighten you on the monetary value of such stock.

Money Supply – The Money Supply report will give you information regarding both retail money market mutual funds as well as household holdings of cash in savings accounts and the like, plus you will also find a plethora of other physical cash holdings which you may find useful to know.

August Week Three

MBA Mortgage Applications – The number of mortgage applications in the US is going to be revealed din the third week of August via the MBA Mortgage Applications report and this is a report you will be very interested in for a lot of companies long term financial stability is going to be determined by the number of successful mortgages arranged more so the house building market place.

Consumer Price Index – The Consumer Price Index is a monthly look at a range of goods and services which reports on whether the cost of those goods has risen or fall in value, and this report will be used to determine inflation.

EIA Petroleum Status Report – This report is one on which you will find information in regards to the stocks of petroleum in the US and is used to determine the price of petroleum in the US.

Weekly Bill Settlement – Knowing just how much a country like the US is borrowing is of course important if you are a Forex of Binary Options trader and each week you will find the Weekly Bill Settlement which is going to see you finding out how much has been borrowed via government bonds and securities each week.

Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index – This report is sponsored by Bloomberg and is a report which is compiled with the help of the general public, a random selection of people are chosen to answer a range of questions regarding their buying habits and give their views on the current financial climate and how it affects them.

August Week Four

New Home Sales – The first report that is going to be of interest to many Binary Options traders which is released in the final week of August is the New Home Sales report, this is a report which will enlighten you as to just how many new homes have been sold and as such it will give you an indication of which companies shares in that market sector may be worth trading.

Consumer Confidence – There are around 3000 households in the US who help compile the Consumer Confidence Index report and this is going to give you a very clear snap shot of how the general public feel in regards to consumer confidence and consumer spending.

Durable Goods Orders – You should be on the lookout for the Durable Goods Index report that is released and made available in the final week of August as it will give you an overview of the amount of homemade durable goods that has been ordered and is ready for dispatch.

GDP – You should always be aware of the Gross Domestic Product of any country and these figures will be very useful in you being able to make a judgement call on just which Binary Options trades are going to be worth placing in the coming days, weeks or months.