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Will Storm Damage Affect Insurance Company Profits?

Storm Desmond UK 2015One of the main market sectors that are always going to be affected by bad weather is the insurance market sector, and when any major storms are brewing or expected then the damage caused can and often does run into the billions of Pounds, Euros and Dollars.

Many Binary Options traders base many of their trades around bad weather predications, for that is going to be one of the ways you will be able to make money by the drop in share prices in insurance companies should the damage caused be severe.

The North of the UK did take a batter over the weekend of the 5th of December 2015 which was caused by Storm Desmond, and with many towns and villages under several feet of water, you are probably wondering does that natural disaster offer some Binary Options trading opportunities.

Well it is very true to say that as soon as there has been any type of natural disaster there are going to be lots of businesses who share prices take a battering as well as the towns and villages have in the UK, and therein lays you chance of making some trading profits if you can determine just which compares they are likely to be.

Whilst Storm Desmond was predicted and warnings given there is only a limited amount of things people can do to protect their homes and business from floods and high winds. The most likely companies that may be affected by this storm are of course insurance companies, and the bill for the damage caused by the storm is likely to run in the high millions if not billions of Pounds.

With that in mind it may be beneficial for you to take a look at some of the Binary Trading opportunities available in the Insurance market place in the coming week, for the overall cost to Insurance companies will be determined once the water has subsided and the extend of the damage caused is known.

If you are interested in place Binary Options trades on in the run up to the Christmas period then there are several trading opportunities available at this time of the year which is known for bearing fruit and making traders some very impressive profits.

Take for examples the retail market place, with Black Friday now a distant memory but with the festive shopping period now in full flow, there are going to be many retail companies that with either have a profitable end of year trading period and many retail based companies will not have such a profitable time.

If you can use you judgement in determining just which retail companies are performing well in the weeks ahead and also those retail companies likely to have a successful New year too then those are going to be the companies whose share prices are likely to rise accordingly. So keep your eyes on the high street and make a note of those stores which are packed full of shoppers in the days and weeks ahead.

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