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UK Interest Rates Set to Rise

Interest RatesYesterday we saw some very large gains in regards to the value of GBP and all other major currencies, and this was due to one thing, that being the fact that an interest rate rise for the UK is looking like a certainty much sooner than most industry experts have been predicting.

Many Binary Options traders cashed in yesterday for instead of placing their usual selection of Binary Option related trades they were much more tempted to place Forex trades, and those traders that did and paired GBP with either the Euro or USD will be sitting on some very large gains today.

The highest point for GBP in regards to both its exchange rate with the Euro was €1.4386 and a large gain in GBP against the US Dollar was also experienced with the high point being $1.5650.

There is going to be an announcement from the UK Central Bank today in regards to interest rate rises, however it is not likely to be the case that interest rates will rise this time around, however it is looking more and more likely that interest rates will rise in the UK in the latter part of 2015 or at the latest 2016.

Whilst this will of course be good news for savers, anyone with a mortgage in the UK will be dreading an interest rate rise as that will of course see them having to pay more each month for that mortgage once any fixed rate time period on their mortgage expires.

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