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U.S. Continues To See U.K As A Key Alliance Partner Post Brexit

US/UKRecent supportive comments made by U.S. officials in the aftermath of the Brexit vote show that the United States (U.S) is unlikely to act on previous threats that it would downgrade its relationship with the United Kingdom.

President Barack Obama had said on his UK visit prior to the British referendum on EU membership that exiting from EU would put Britain at the back of the queue for trade deals with the U.S. However, given the current turmoil, experts say that the U.S. government may not want to jeopardize its close economic and political relationship with Britain by adding more stipulations and putting a strain on the relationship.

Security experts have pointed out that the U.S. might be taking a cautious approach in light of the commitments made by the UK to NATO and the U.S. for fighting terrorism. The Brexit verdict could add significant pressure on Britain’s economy affecting its ability to meet its pledge of spending 2 percent of its GDP on defence. This pull back can prove to be risky at a time when other nations such as Russia are hoping to increase their military influence.

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In a statement, Nicholas Burns, a former US ambassador to Nato, said, "The UK could become smaller and weaker. If that happens, then you wonder if they can sustain the defence spending and the effort to be globally oriented. That's what we worry about with Britain leaving. Britain was the strongest American partner inside the EU."

Statements made by U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and Secretary of State John Kerry have reiterated the notion that the U.S. will not seek to be punitive in its actions. Many trade experts believe that the US-European Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal may become dormant, and Britain and the U.S might focus on developing a separate bilateral deal in the coming days.

However Lew has confirmed that the TTIP trade deal with the EU, which is currently under negotiations remained a priority but did not dismiss the idea of separate trade talks with Britain after the separation terms between the UK and EU are agreed upon. Additionally Lew reiterated the deep relationship between the UK and U.S. and said that it was important for all parties to have open trade relationships. White House spokesman Eric Schultz stated that the administration was reviewing the impact of Brexit on TIPP talks.

Economists from investment firm Goldman Sachs have predicted that UK’s economy will enter into a recession in 2017 due to reduced investments and a credit crunch. Major ratings firms Fitch Ratings and Standard and Poor have both slashed credit ratings for Britain, highlighting the anticipated damage to its economy from the Brexit.

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