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Traders Panic as Chinese Markets Fall

Chinese Markets FallingMany investors are beginning to take an urgent look at any Chinese based stocks and shares they are holding, as there does appear to be panic setting in, in regards to the downturn in the value of many Chinese based companies.

This is having something of a knock on effect with many worldwide stock exchanges experiencing a downturn in the value of their indices. Over in London the FTSE 100 has started the day trading 0.2cent down having already dropped by 1.9 percent of its value yesterday as mining stock in particular took a hit.

Many experienced traders are looking at pulling back on their commodity based trades too as the Chinese economy is forcing most commodities to reduce in price due to a downturn in the number of commodities being purchased by their leading companies and citizens.

It is also looking like the Yuan may also be devalued even more, even though the powers that be in China have already ruled that out. As such if you are thinking of placing any trades in the coming days whether on indices, commodities or even Forex then there may be some large gains to be made by selecting your chosen trades carefully.

Over in Shanghai their stock exchange is also on a downward cycle and with that in mind it may be beneficial for you to place a range of trades on that particular stock exchange as it looks like that downward cycle may just continue for some time yet.

Many European based stock exchanges are also taking hit at the minute, however with Greece having just agreed and made the necessary arrangement for their latest round of bailouts that has somewhat settled that particular problem.

However, the value of the Euro is still very weak more so against both the US Dollar and UK GBP, and that is unlikely to change any time soon, so do consider placing a range of currency pairings should you be interested in Forex trading.

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