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Ryanair Profits Taking Off

RyanairThe low cost airline Ryanair is a company that as a customer of you either love or hate, often described as having a Marmite effect on customers they have always had a policy in place that gets as much additional income from their customers as is possible.

Those additional charges include fees for booking selected seats on the place, carrying extra luggage or low betide your bag is over the allocated weight allowance for that would see you having to pay some very hefty charges and fees.

In fact when travellers misplaced or had forgotten to print off a boarding thicket for them then to be able to get a replacement one at the airlines information desk another huge fee had to be paid. Over the years those unaware of how to play the system with Ryanair would find their original low cost ticket would see them being forced to pay a plethora of additional fees and charges which one stung with them, many travellers swore never to fly with Ryanair again.

In fact the Chief Executive of Ryanair that being Michael O’Leary was something of an attention seeker and would use every available opportunity to bestow the virtues of his airline, boasting how cheap their tickets are whilst forgetting to mention their hefty additional fees and charges that an unsuspecting traveller could end up paying.

However, in the last year or so Ryanair have publically stated that they are going to stop “pissing people off”, and have put in place a range of new features and services that their customer can make full use of.

One of them was relaxing the one carryon bag rule and now customers can take one a holdall along with a handbag or any bag containing purchases made at the airport. Also special business tickets have become available on all of their flights allowing those purchasing them to get extra leg room seats and have more flexibility in regards to changing flights.

This has had an amazing effect on the flying general public who have now started to warm once again to Ryanair, and in fact their last set of trading figures show that for the last year passenger traffic is up 11% to 90.6million and the net profits for the last year have increased from £244m to £614m.

That may be worth keeping in mind if you are looking for some airline or travel related Binary Options trades to place in the coming weeks or months!

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