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Oil Prices continue to fall

Oil Binary OptionsMotorists are finally beginning to see the fall in the price of oil reaching them via lower prices at the pump, and if you are a Binary Options trader then you will have noticed the price of oil is beginning to reach some of the lowest values not seen for a number of years.

In fact in the UK motorists have seen Diesel prices falling to just 110p a litre in August with unleaded also reaching some fairly lower levels with the average price per litre being 112p. In fact those prices have not been seen that low for six years.

This price reduction however may not continue for very much longer as the wholesale price of oil is beginning to rise. If you are therefore looking for some Binary Options to place today or in the very near future then it will be worth keeping that in mind as the oil based markets have always been very volatile and there may be some large gains to be made if you manage to place some very well thought out oil related trades.

As August this year approached the price of a barrel of oil was fairly consistent at $60 a barrel, but due to many different factors the price did drop and the lowest price seen in August for a barrel of oil was on the 24th when the price dropped to $41.87!

That significant drop in the price of a barrel of oil is not likely to be repeated in September, however there is never really any knowing in advance as there are likely to be several different factors that can and will affect the price of oil. However, most industry commentators are stating the price of a barrel of oil is likely to peak again sometime during September and then is likely to balance out for the rest of the month.

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