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Lloyds Banking Group Shares worth Watching

Lloyds BankHaving announced that they plan to sell off around £2billion worth of shares in Lloyd Bank, the UK Government will, as well as an army of investors, be keeping their eyes peeled on not only the share price value of this established if not troubled banking group, but also the soon to be announced third quarter trading results.

As a Binary Options trader one aspect to that share sell off which would have caught your attention is that there is going to be a 5% discount for UK citizens purchasing those shares, not only that but if those investors then keep hold of those shares for one full year they will be given an additional share free for every ten they hold.

That does of course mean that there will be a good likelihood that the value of Lloyds shares may drop, based on the discount coupled with those bonus shares, and you will be best advised to keep that in mind if you plan placing Binary Options trades on Lloyds Bank in the very near future.

In fact so far in excess of a quarter of a million UK citizens have registered an interest in purchasing Lloyds Bank shares, so there is certainly plenty of demand for them The UK Government has been selling off their share holding in Lloyds Bank which they acquired when they had to bail the bank out. They originally owned 43 % of the entire shares in that bank however they have been selling them off at regular intervals and now hold slightly less than 11% of the entire shares in Lloyds.

Basing your trading decisions on Lloyds Bank however need to be well thought out, for in the last five years alone it has made a loss of some £4.2billion, and as such is hardly the most attractive bank for investors.

However, as you are going to be able to trade on the value of Lloyds Banks share falling or rising over any given period, then it may just pay dividends for you to err on the side of caution and base your trades on the value dropping as opposed to increasing.

We will of course keep you fully updated with the share sell off which is going to be an interesting time for investors and Binary Options traders alike, for irrespective of whether the shares rise or fall there will be plenty of trading opportunities available and financial gains to be made.

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