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Lloyds Bank Hit with another Fine

Lloyds BankYou have probably become quite used to hearing of UK banks that have been hit with fines due to their malpractice over the last few years. As a Binary Options trader you do need to keep your eyes peeled for these types of news stories as you will find the value of shares of banks hit by those fines will instantly drop in value once the fines and news of the fines hit the headlines.

Lloyds Bank who have set aside billions of Pounds in the last few years to pay off those fines have yet again been hit with another one, and this time the amount of the fine was £117 million and was given totem for their mishandling and unfair settlement and decisions imposed on customers who claimed PPI compensation for being miss sold those types of insurance policies.

Whilst Lloyds Bank was one of many UK banks that had to be bailed out by the UK Government at the height of the recent financial crisis, this hasn’t stopped the FCA hitting them with fine after fine for misspelling and malpractice!

In fact the total amount of cash that Lloyds have set aside to date is in the billions of Pounds and that has had a massive impact on the share value of the Bank.

If you are planning on place some Binary Options trades in the very near future then make sure you keep your finger on the pulse in regards to the current situation reading banking institutions. For many banks are still being investigated for a range of different offences committed over the last few years.

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It is not all doom and gloom in the banking institution market sector however, for over the last few years the value of many banks shares have bounded bank and as such you should fully consider whether you with to place a put or call type trade on any banking institution that has caught your attention.

You will of course be able to place long term and short term trades on the value of any bank when using the trading platforms at any of our featured Brokers.

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