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Live Proof – 81% return generated using our Multiple RSI Indicator

One of the newest and most exciting areas for binaries right now is on very short timescales: from 1 minute to 5 minute expiries. The benefit of such short timeframes is that even if you have a small edge, you can trade multiple times in a day and so average out your edge consistently. For example, if you have say a 2% edge per trade, then if you were trading weekly binaries you would have to wait almost a year to be up 100%; however, if you’re trading 5 minute binaries, you will on average be up 100% in just 4 hours!

The difficulty with trading on such short timeframes is that you cannot apply typical techniques of fundamental/macro analysis. You may have a very strong reason to believe that (say) NZD will rise in the next few months due to hawkishness from the central bank, but this is useless in predicting the price in the next 5 minutes. Even typical ideas from technical analysis fail; there is a great deal of noise and randomness that occurs, and so if you look for the usual patterns you will not have any edge.

This is where the Multiple RSI indicator comes in. As we said in the signal article, one of the many benefits of this indicator is that it is applicable to all timeframes. It doesn’t try and predict the price at every instance; instead, it only transmits a signal when the confidence level is high.

Below we demonstrate just how easy it is to use this system:

RSI Trader 3The screenshot shows the 1M chart for GBPUSD on 29th November along with our proprietary indicator values. At the right of the chart, all the sub-indicators align and this is our signal that it is time to execute a long binary position.

Note that our subscribers won’t have to read off a chart – you will get an alert immediately at the point of the signal triggering.

The ideal binary length as determined by back-testing is twice the timeframe of the chart, so we opted for the 2 minute sprint binary option that IG Index offers.

rsi trade ig index

And after 2 minutes, we had a nice 80% return on our money invested!

rsi trade ig index 2

As explained in our indicator article, this simple tool can be applied to any assets – GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDJPY – but not just forex either – indices and commodities too. The best property of the indicator is its high reliability due to being selective. If you want to win a lot with low drawdowns, this is the tool for you.

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