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Live AUD USD Trade – 78% return generated using our Japanese Ichimoku Indicator

Most traders like to trade binaries that have expiries ranging from between 1 day to 1 week. The benefit of trading in a 1 day to 1 week timeframe is that traders can bring traditional tools to the table. They can apply macro analysis, take into consideration news events, and look at typical technical indicators. In addition, though it is applicable to any timeframe, it is here in particular that the Ichimoku system really shines.

Below, we demonstrate the use of the Ichimoku indicator to inform and confirm a profitable binary trade on the 29th of November.

The currency of choice here was AUDUSD; AUD had been tanking spectacularly since the dovish RBA minutes and general jawboning of a couple of weeks prior, and had given up nearly 4 big figures before closing the 28th of November around 0.9100. Simulatenously with this precipitious drop, oil (WTI crude) had been clobbered down from $95 to sub $92, thanks partly due to the propitious talks with Iran occurring over the weekend of the 23rd/24th.

However, strong support for AUDUSD was indicated at 0.9050 by the 200 day moving average; indeed, the price ended up going to 0.9060 and sharply bouncing off that level on the 27th and again on the 28th. Crude also seemed to find support at the $91.80 level and had closed above $92 two days in a row. We felt a short squeeze was due in both markets, and since crude is strongly correlated to AUD, we had extra confirmation.

There’s a saying in trading though: “Fix your timing, fix your P&L”. And how could we be sure that the expected bounce would happen on the 29th? For this, we turned to Ichimoku signal:

Ichimoku TradeThe chart may look complicated to a beginner, but as we explained in the signal article, we distill it to simply producing a ‘long’ or ‘short’ indicator when a signal is triggered. In this case we analysed the 1H chart for AUDUSD and discovered that a long signal had indeed been triggered.

With all signs pointing in the same direction, and with Ichimoku confirming the time was ripe for a squeeze, we immediately put on the binary option expiring at 4pm that day for AUDUSD to close above 0.9110, which was the spot price at the time of entry.

All we had to do then was wait, and as expected, AUDUSD had a short squeeze up to 0.9140 to close at about 0.9137 at 4pm on the 29th. We closed out with a tidy 78% return thanks to good macro understanding, an intuition of price exhaustion, and in no small degree thanks to Ichimoku!

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