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Is UK Growth Slowing Down?

UKOne UK based Chief Executive who is never afraid to speak his mind is Sir Martin Sorrell who is the CEO of the advertising and public relations company WPP. In fact only yesterday he made known his views in regards to what he thinks is going to be an imminent slow down on UK growth, and his views are beginning to rattle a few other industry experts and business leaders alike.

Sorrell has said that he is seeing many of his biggest UK and overseas business clients reigning in their spending in regards to advertising and marketing budgets and the main reason for them doing so is that they are seeing a slowdown in regards to their turnover and reduction in their trading profits.

The main reason given he states for those UK based companies cutting back on their marketing spending is that there are some serious concerns over the long term trading and profitability of those UK based companies when coupled with the slowdown in countries such as China and more recently Brazil.

Another reason given by many of his clients is that they are also now facing very stiff competition form some of the brand new companies that are launching, more so in regards to online companies who offer apps for this, that and everything.

Holiday companies for example are seeing many of their customer ditching their services and instead turning to one to the new digital and online companies such as Airbnb, and also by taking a look at the Uber app which has been having a dramatic effect on taxi companies and drivers not on that app you can see why many company bosses are beginning to get slightly worried.

However, as a Binary options trader it does not matter if a company is doing well or is performing poorly as you are still going to be able to place Binary Options trades on those companies in regards to the way you think their share values are going to move.

So always be on the lookout for newly launched online companies and companies offering some form of unique app, for it will often be the more established companies that those new ones are aiming to compete against that may see a short or long term drop in the value of their share values, and that is when you can make money trading UK Binary Options on those companies.

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