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IMF Warning of “China Toxic Shocks”

International Monetary FundWith economies all over the world finally getting back on track after years of austerity, The International Monetary Fund (IMF) sent shockwaves through the financial industry yesterday with a very sharp and blunt warning that China could reverse all of the years of austerity through a series of what they call toxic shocks.

It has been eight years now since the world economy suffered a huge and devastating financial downturn which has seen austerity, bailouts and even quantitative easing and money printing schemes launched by several countries to help them weather the financial storm.

However, due to China now having their own major financial problems those problems could ripple through the entire financial system and cause devastating effects on other worldwide economies, some of which are in fact starting to happen right now.

The IMF has stated quite publically that the downturn in both trade and growth in China could cause an even greater disruption in the banking systems of many other countries and could put at risk up to $800billion of exposure to the Chinese markets in other countries.

In fact it has been noted that capital flowing in places such as Honk Kong and Shanghai is reducing and investors are getting very uneasy about this situation with large amounts of cash having already been lost by traders on the Chinese stock markets, and also Forex traders also losing out significantly when China devalued, several times on the trot, their currency.

One thing that the IMF has not done, and for obvious reasons, is named any banks or companies that are likely to see huge sways of their share values decimated by the situation in China, and as a Binary Options trader it will be left to your own good judgment and skill in deciding just which banking institutions and companies will be affected by such a downturn in China.

You may be more comfortable placing your Binary Options shares on home grown companies and banking intuitions that only or mainly trade in your own home country of residence and companies that do not depend in way shape or form on the China market place for business.

However, with there being such large exposures to the Chinese money markets and stock exchanges and with lots of companies doing business with China it may not be as easy as it sounds concentrating your trading efforts on non Chinese trading companies.

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