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Dixons Carphone Warehouse Shares Bounce Back

Dixons CaphoneHaving suffered a 2% drop in the value of their shares yesterday due to the confirmed security breach which saw up to 90,000 of their customers having their credit card and personal details accessed by hackers, things were not looking good for investors in Dixons Carphone Warehouse.

However, in something of an unusual turn of events their shares have bounced back in value ending up at the close of business showing a 1.7p gain, meaning each share is now valued at 457.7p. Whilst many investors thought the share price would suffer some sustained losses this turned out not to so and many savvy Binary Options traders may have cashed in yesterday trading their share price on the Binary Options markets.

Another company that it was thought would also suffer a drop in the value of their share price was Talk-Talk who share the same systems as Dixons Carphone Warehouse, however their shares also rose in value and ended the day up 0.5p in value at 312p per share.

There are a lot of technology related companies who are prone to such attacks and it would appear no matter how large the company is a hacker attack can happen at any moment, as has been the case recently with Sony.

In fact if you are looking around for some Binary Options trades to place it may be worth keeping your eyes on companies such as Dixons Carphone Warehouse for only last month they reported that their profits had increased by a large 20%.

When any company is faced with a situation such as a hacker attack and you are a Binary Options trader then as has been proven with Dixons Carphone Warehouse the value of those company shares can drop quickly for a short period of time.

With that in mind you should always consider placing some short term Binary Options trades, for you will find that as a trader at any of our featured Brokers you are going to be able to place trades which expire in just 60 seconds.

Those types of Binary Options trades will allow you to cash in when there is a very good likelihood of any company’s share price dropping over the short term without you having to wait for long periods of time to discover if you have placed a winning trade, as those shares could bounce back in value as Dixons Carphone Warehouses’ shares did.

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