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Celebrities And SportsStars Now Venturing Into Crowdfunding

CrowdfundingThe number of start-up companies across the globe is at an all time high as the speed of technology has enabled companies to come out of nowhere and become multi-million dollar establishments within a short period of time.

Most of these start-up companies are looking for investors to fund them with cash that will enable them to scale the size of their operation.

Crowdfunding is an online platform that enables start-up companies and entrepreneurs to look for investors who believe in their vision and are willing to invest in their dream.

Over the past couple of years, a number of celebrities and Sportstars have been willing to invest in crowdfunding as they get to select which project they can invest into and also control the amount they are willing to invest.

There are a number of popular online platforms across the world that attract these celebrities and superstars. Hollywood megastars like Sylvestor Stallone has used Kickstarter to invest and fund independent films and billionaire Richard Branson has used Indiegogo to fund a number of projects that he believes has enormous potential.

British tennis player Andy Murray has also decided to invest into crowdfunding and recently decided to make three investments into companies that he believed had a great future. Murray did not disclose the amount he invested into each company but did disclose the names of the companies he decided to fund. Murray used Seedrs, an online crowdfunding platform in the U.K to fund Trilennium a 3D virtual reality shop builder; Fuel Ventures which is an e-commerce investor and Tossed, which is a healthy eating chain that has managed to raise over $1.17 million in funds till date.

In a statement, Murray said

The three businesses I’ve chosen to kick off my crowdfunding investment portfolio are all in areas of industry I find interesting. Healthy eating is something I have to be passionate about as a sportsman, so Tossed was immediately one to consider, and the other two businesses are really pushing the boundaries of technology. I’m hoping that I can learn something from how they are edging ahead of the competition and take that vision onto the court with me.

Murray has had great success on the tennis court during the last couple of years and recently defeated Novak Djokovic at the Rogers Cup. Murray’s win over Djokovic has now given him the ranking of being the number 2 tennis player in the world. Seedrs made Andy Murray a part of its advisory board in June 2015.

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