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iOption Review


Launched in 2009, iOption is one of the oldest and most recognizable brands in binary options. It’s one of the fastest brokers I’ve dealt with. Signup and withdrawal times are easy, which I can’t say about all brokers. Potential traders will be more than happy to learn trading with the interactive demo account, which is not always easy to come by in binary options. They also have great educational tools, which can also help with learning and educating. No doubt, with better trading tools and profits iOption has made some serious strides, and are expected to continue growing as a leading binary options broker.

The bad: Unfortunately, iOption is not a regulated binary options broker. Granted, many of them are not, but it’s too bad that they’re not regulated. Without regulation, it’s hard to say if a broker is 100% reliable and trustworthy. It’s a chance that any trader would have to take on any un-regulated broker, not just iOption. Also, the minimum withdrawal amount is $200. That’s a lot for a minimum withdrawal, because if a trader decided to deposit with iOption (minimum $200), then lost a couple of dollars, he can’t withdraw until it’s back to $200. Also, residents of the USA and UK are not permitted to open accounts. Bummer.

Sign up for the demo account now.

The bottom line: Thanks to the SpotOption technology, iOption has added a few extra great trading features and tools such as the great Options Builder and the Rollover strategy. The Options Builder allows traders to decide their own expected profitability and refund percentage from a certain asset. Rollover is actually a stop loss toll, using it before expiry time will increase the expiry time to a longer one so you have a second chance being “in the money.”

Profitability is up to 85% for “in the money” trades, above average for the industry but also quite common among brokers using SpotOption platform. “Out of money” refunds have also increased to a maximum of 15%.

The iOption trading platform offers a wide variety of assets and option expiry times, so that a trader has a vast selection to choose from. Between currencies and to commodities to stocks and indices, there are over 100+ assets available to choose from. The majority of assets that iOption offers are stocks (66).  Traders can also trade commodities (7), and the most commonly traded are oil and gold.  Currency pairs (24) are great for binary options, because in binary options a pip only needs to move .01 for a trade to be successful and land a trader in the money.  Of the indices (35) able to be traded the most popular are the DOW, NASDAQ and S&P 500.

The website runs in 9 different languages giving thousands of customers the ability to trade assets in their own native language. Customers have full access to their accounts 24 hrs a day. Deposits and withdraws can be made whenever the client feels it is appropriate. It is customary that all financial markets close on weekends, but with binary option’s one touch system, traders still are able to trade. The expiry time of the option taken won’t lapse until the end of the next week, but it’s still a way for traders to get a start on their week and to participate even though the market is technically closed. At iOption there are no fees.

They also have great educational tools, called the Knowledge Center. Here, there’s the full-blown iOption Academy. I can honestly say that this is the most extensive binary options trading information that any binary options broker has available. They have different classes, like the Earn Money with iOption class that you can take advantage of.

Also in the Knowledge Center, you can find their Asset Index, Glossary, How to Trade demo and beyond. I love all of these extra add-ons. They make such a difference, and it’s all free for clients.

iOption offers special promotional rebates throughout the year, including volume rebates and special bonus plans.

Each customer is assigned an account manager who facilitates the process of trading binary options. Account managers work with their clients to form partnerships assisting them with all aspects of trading binary options, wither it be setting up an account, making a trade, or withdrawing profits. Account managers are assigned by language and country.


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