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Cedar Finance Review


With such a diverse asset range, advanced charting tools and eye-popping bonuses which can top $5,000. Their customer service is by far one of the best and you will notice they’ll go the extra mile to ensure your trading at your best. This broker is perfect for novice traders who are just getting into binary options trading. Our account rep still contacts us for support and trading tips!

Cedar Finance is a Cyprus-registered binary options broker that claims to prioritise the customer experience above all else. They have a wide range of novel features and option types, great customer support, and have won numerous awards including ‘Platform of the Year 2012’, ‘Best Customer Service’, and ‘Customers’ Choice 2012’. Let’s take a closer look at what they offer to binary traders.

Cedar Finance’s website is immaculately presented, with clean and stylish aesthetics that allows for intuitive navigation. Unlike many other broker websites, there are no dead links to be found – an indication that the company is meticulous about their business. The responsiveness of the website is also pleasingly quick, a marked contrast to most sites which seem to have very high latencies and poor hosting.

Tradable Assets

Cedar has a wide range of tradable assets, covering stock indices, commodities, currencies and individual stocks. The indices cover almost every major economy that you could wish for, including the US, UK, Europe, Japan and then the emerging markets such as Brazil and India. The only omission is that of the Hang-Seng, or some other China/Hong-Kong representative. Commodities feature all the metals including gold and silver but also platinum, copper and palladium; agricultural commodities are also covered, with sugar, corn, coffee and wheat available to trade; and finally, crude is of course on offer. The currency selection covers all the major developed markets, though some of the crosses and EM currencies are a little underserved. Finally, Cedar provides a fantastic range of single stocks from many different countries – if Cedar doesn’t cover a stock, it’s unlikely someone else will.

In addition to their wide asset range, Cedar has four types of binary options: the standard ‘digital’ option, turbo, touch, and range. Let’s have a closer look at what they each do.

The standard digital options provided are exactly what you might expect,  and run in expiry times from 15 minutes to end of day to up to 1 month. Very long timeframes (3 months and over) are not covered, however.

Turbo options allow you to bet on the price of assets for very short timeframes – in the next 1 minute, 2 minutes or 5 minutes. Impressively, this type is available not only for currencies and indices but also on a wide range of single stocks.

‘Touch’ options operate in a different manner to traditional binary options. Instead of the price having to be at a certain level by expiry, touch options only require the price to have traded at the predetermined level at some point before expiry. The beauty of touch options is that they allow for fantastic payouts – Cedar offers up to 500% returns per trade! Not only that, a comprehensive selection of assets provide for touch options, which is very refreshing to see after visiting many sites where there is hardly any touch coverage. Personally, I’m a big user of touch options for making directional bets as they are a efficient from a risk-reward and capital efficiency standpoint.

Their final offering, Range options, is quite novel – something I haven’t seen anywhere else. Essentially, you can choose whether to bet that an asset will end inside a predetermined range, or outside it, at the point of expiry. This allows you to trade profitably even in times of very low market volatility. The asset range is a bit more restricted than other option types, but still covers the major currencies, stocks, and commodities.

Overall, the asset range and option types provide a varied and comprehensive selection, suitable for any trader’s needs.

Asset range: 4.5/5


Cedar Finance has fantastic payouts. Their digital binaries go up to 81%, though 80% seems to be most common. Turbo payouts are amongst the best short-timeframe spreads available, paying out 76% consistently. Their touch payouts, as already mentioned, can go up to 500%, though 300% is most common. Finally their range payouts go above 100% at times!

Spreads: 4.5/5


The Cedar Finance platform has some excellent features. Firstly, it is very responsive and not plagued by latency problems as many platforms are. Furthermore, as you can see in the screenshot below, the payouts are listed next to the asset themselves without having to click through and put in the details – this allows for much faster trade planning.

Finding the asset you want is easily done thanks to a well-organised dropdown menu,  and all you require to trade any of the 4 types of options is to put in a couple of clicks for direction, expiry, and amount to invest – all very well streamlined.

The only shortfall in the platform is one which is common to many binary sites: the lack of good charting facilities. All that is provided is a chart of the recent price (which adjusts in timeframe as you choose different expiries). More tools such as technical analysis, ability to look at custom ranges, and so on would be greatly appreciated.

Overall, however, the platform is a pleasure to work with.

Platform: 4/5

Minimum Deposit, Bonuses & Customer Service

The minimum deposit on Cedar is $200. This is called a starter account and activates a welcome bonus of up to 30%, and comes with free video tutorials and a trading guide in PDF fromat.  There are then escalating VIP bonus levels for larger deposits: Bronze at $500, Silver at $1000, Gold and $5000 and Platinum at $10000. Higher VIP levels offer higher bonus rates, of up to 100% at Gold. In addition the highest levels receive free trading signals and live market analysis. If you are Platinum, you can negotiate customized account settings – you are going to be very well looked after at that level. It bears mentioning that regardless of the deposit size, all levels provide for 24/7 customer support via email at, or by calling any of their many satellite offices around the world (their UK number is, for example, + 44 560 370 4113).

Depositing and Withdrawal Process

Registration and depositing is easy and can be done either via credit card or wire transfer. Customers from most parts of the world are accepted here, including Europe, the US, Russia and Japan. Withdrawals are also entirely painless and can be done for no cost via credit card, or with a fixed fee for a wire transfer.

Other Services

Cedar also has the first offering catering fully for Muslim clients that I have seen online. These Islamic trading accounts use no leverage or trading on margin (thus, no implicit borrowing of money) and there are no interest charges paid to keep your money held in the account. The accounts are fully Sharia-compliant and you can additionally receive support from staff dedicated to these Islamic accounts.

Last but not least, the trading education that Cedar provides is top-notch. Not only do they have a very simple to follow PDF guide, but they also have an entire series on trading in general which is extremely helpful for beginners. These videos cover market analysis, charting techniques, risk management and psychological aspects – essentially, all the bases you need to become a great trader.

Overall, Cedar does very few things wrong and many more things fantastically. In the great sea of binary brokers online, they stand out as a gem worth your investment.


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