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anyoption Review


anyoption has a wide variety of assets and option types, 24 hour customer support, and unbelievable payouts. Why choose anyone else?

anyoption is a EU licensed binary options broker that claims to be the ‘world’s most prominent option trading environment’, and with the tagline that ‘anyone can trade‘. Does it live up to these claims? Read on and find out.

On visiting anyoption, the first thing that stands out is the clean and easily navigable layout. This is not the most important criteria for judging the quality of an options broker, but it certainly helps.


Tradable Assets

anyoption covers all the major tradable asset categories: indices, commodities, currency pairs, and stocks. The indices are a particular strength with all the major exchanges covered; in addition, there are a plethora of more niche indices such as the Bombay 30 and Dubai. Commodities cover all the metals (copper, gold, silver) as well as as crude. Stocks are well distributed with the major US and European names offered; there is also a surprisingly large selection of Asian stocks offered, such as Samsung and Tata. The main currency pairs of EUR, AUD, JPY and GBP are well represented, though there are no emerging market currencies available. A surprising and pleasant addition is the availability of bitcoin options – these are not offered by almost any other online broker.

anyoption offers 4 option types: the standard binary, an ‘option+’ range, a binary ‘event’ range, and one touches.

The standard binary options allow you to choose either an asset, an expiry date, and opt for either ‘call’ if you think the price will close above the current price, or ‘put’ for below. The range of expiry dates covers daily, weekly and monthly. In addition, payouts and refunds are adjustable, which is completely unique – more details on this in the spreads section.

Option+ takes the same idea, but gives you the added flexibility of selling back the option before expiry. This allows for a great variety of additional trading strategies; for example, if you choose to go with an end of week expiry, but an economic announcement makes the price move very far in your favour on the first day, you can cash out immediately rather than take the risk of waiting for the remaining four days.

The binary ‘events’ take a preset target and expiry, and allow you to bet for or against it. There are a decent range of constantly updated events covering currencies, indices and commodities, and this mode also allows for exceptional payouts – in excess of 900%.

‘Touch’ options operate in a different manner to traditional binary options. Instead of the price having to be at a certain level by expiry, touch options only require the price to have traded at the predetermined level at some point before expiry. Touch options also allow for great payouts, up to 380%! The slight downside to anyoption’s touch offering is the only timeframe is weekly – in a novel touch, however, they are available to trade on weekends.

Overall, anyoption has a comprehensive suite of options and assets suitable for most traders. The only niche that is not covered are emerging market currencies, but you can find nearly everything else here.

Asset range: 4/5


As already mentioned, the event payouts that anyoption provides are absolutely unparalleled. Risking $10 to potentially gain $1000 is incredible, and something that most providers are simply too risk-averse to offer. Additionally, their touch range goes up to 380% payouts – again, offering great risk/reward ratios.

anyoption has the very unique option of allowing you to set your profit and refund payouts for their core binary offering. For example, you can choose the default of 70% payout on win and 15% refund on loss; but you can have this set to 80% and 5%, or 60% and 25%, or whatever you prefer. I have not seen this offered by any other broker online. Suffice to say, the added customizability is greatly appreciated for planning your capital allocation. 85% payouts are also absolutely top tier – you will be hard pressed to find better elsewhere.

Spreads: 5/5


anyoption has a responsive and easy to use platform. There are four trading windows available which allows for multi-asset tracking. The time left to invest and payouts are clearly stated without having to click through, which is of particular benefit for quick trading. You can also get a sentiment indicator for each asset, providing crucial additional information.

The common problem of online brokers, however, is true of anyoption as well – the lack of charting features. Technical analysis, custom timeframes and so on are unfortunately not provided. However, this is something that I have yet to see any broker provide satisfactorily.

Overall, the platform performs its job admirably and helps rather than hinders trading.

Platform: 4/5

Depositing and Withdrawal Process

The minimum deposit on anyoption is $200, and can be done via credit/debit cards, wire transfers, skrill or various domestic payments. Registering is also free and does not require a deposit. Customers from Europe and the US are welcomed here, as well as various other countries. Withdrawals can be done at any time and there is no minimum amount. However, you are only allowed one free withdrawal per month – additional withdrawals are charged 30 USD or 20 GBP.

Customer Service

There is dedicated phone support 24 hours a day from Monday through Friday, with country-specific numbers and offices set up. There is also the very and always on chat support service, and of course, a support email address.

Other Services

anyoption has a fully featured iPhone/Android compatible mobile trading application which allows you to trade in real time from anywhere, as well as manage your account and check asset prices.

anyoption also has an interesting and unique ‘live trades’ stream which shows the latest most profitable trades by their customers over the last day, week and month. It is quite motivating to look at the list and see that someone just made $10000 in 15 minutes – and also to realize that your name could be on that list too!

Overall, anyoption is a top notch options broker with a wide range of option types and incredible payouts. Highly recommended.


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