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BA to Take On Budget Airlines

british airwaysThere are plenty of different Binary Options trades that you are always going to be able to place at your chosen Binary Options Broker, however we do like to keep you fully up to date with every single type of trade you can place and also alert you to many different news stories that could see the value of any company in any market sector moving in one direction or another.

With that in find if you are thinking of placing some Binary Options trades now or in the very near future and have been looking at Airline based companies to place your Binary Options trades on then one news story that came to light today is that British Airways and going to be dipping their toes so to speak into the budget airline market sector.

Being a National Carrier BA has a long tradition of air travel. However one thing that they have not been associated with recently is low cost budget air travel.

It is true to say that British Airways did experiment with taking on the low cost airlines several years ago, and those of you with good memories will remember they launched their own unique brand that being Go Airline, however it wasn’t long after its launch that BA decided to sell that operation to Easy Jet.

Well, British Airways are again venturing into the low cost airline business, however this time by keeping their own brand name, and this will see them offering a range of low cost flights from London Stansted airport.

As such they will be offering a range of low cost seats on their aircraft to places in Spain initially, and whether they then expand their fleet and places they will fly to will remain to be seen.

However, many commentators have stated that whilst the low fares that are currently being advertised on the routes to Spain are very competitive, Stansted Airport is not really the airport many travellers and holiday makers alike enjoy travelling to or from and it can be something of a nightmare to get to that airport late at night or early in the morning.

However, it will be worth keeping any eye on the value of British Airways shares in the coming weeks and months for if those low cost flights are popular then we doubt it will be very long before they will start to offer even more of them and may expand the range of airports they will fly into and out of.

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