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Jobless Claims

When any country starts to experience any type of financial meltdown it is usually that the labour force that is first affected. In the second week of August you will find that the US releases information as to the number of people who are claiming unemployment insurance, and this is something that all Binary Options traders should be looking at.

10-12-30_jobless_claimsWhilst you may already have your own views on just which Binary Options trades to place you really should be accumulating and amassing lots of relevant information that will allow you to make a true judgment call on which trades you do place.

By studying the Jobless Claims Data you will get a full overview of just how the workforce and the labour markets are doing and that should at the very least allow you o base your decision on which trades if any on US based companies you should be making.

As this data is released continuously throughout the year you should also be analysing the data to spot any trends which are begging to immerge, obvious in the summer months a lot of additional jobs become available but you will also start to possibly spot additional trends too.

Where to Place Your Binary Options Trades

When the Jobless Claims data is released there is often going to be a flurry of actively in all Binary Options market sectors as that data is going to instantly show whether there is going to be the likelihood of a long term increase in spending through the country.

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