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Consumer Price Index

The price of every day goods in any country will always fluctuate and the Consumer Price Index is a report which measures the change each month in the price of a range of goods and also services that people tend to purchase and make use of every single month of the year.

urlAny change in the price of these goods as reported in the Consumer Price Index will have an effect on inflation, and as such it is a report that you should be interested in as a Binary Options trader as a rise or even a fall in inflation will always have a knock on effect in the demand for lots of other goods.

It is in the third week of August that we will next see the Consumer Price Index report being released and it is going to give you an instant snap shot of just how well America is doing in its ongoing fight to keep inflation low which is never an easy task.

Be aware that many other countries also have a similar type of report which depending on which country you are interested in it will be released at different times of the year, however it will always be a monthly snap shot and as such make sure you are aware of it and study it as soon as it has been made public.

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