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Another Week of Stock Market Turmoil Ahead

FTSE100Having already suffered a week to turmoil, and with over £100 billion wiped off the value of shares on the FTSE100 alone, this week looks like being another week of turmoil for worldwide stock markets and traders alike.

However, with you always being able to decide just which way to place your Binary Options trades on, this could be a good week for the savviest of traders. The huge losses reported in the UK did catch quite a number of traders and industry experts by surprise however.

With most people expecting a very good set of GDP figures to be released in the UK this coming Friday that did not stop the FSE100 from going into freefall. But it was the knock on effect from China’s decision to start devaluing the Yuan that has caused many traders to start ditching their share holdings on many companies and that is adding to downturn of every global stock exchange.

A run of nine consecutive days’ losses has so far been seen on the FTSE 100, the expected UK’s GDP figures and also the data set to be released this Wednesday by the Confederation of British Industry which is likely to show an increased strength in retail sales is not looking likely to stop this downturn.

On the currency markets many currencies including GBP are becoming much more volatile than they had been a month ago, which is probably going to be music to the ears of all Forex traders, and much like Binary Options traders if you can place some well thought out trades this coming week you could make some healthy profits from those trades.

Whether the losses reported on stock exchanges across the world is just a simple readjustment and balancing out as happens from time to time remains to be seen, however many doomsayers are convinced the world may just be heading for another major financial crisis.

Should you be planning any Forex or Binary Options trades this week’s then as always it is best to go into those trades with an open mind, however always spend as much time as is necessary choosing just which trades to place.

More importantly keep your option open in regards to the expiry time you select for them, as both short and long term trades are likely to bear fruit if you think long and hard about which trades to place and on what.

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