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Another Marks and Spencer Executive Quits

Marks and SpencerAnyone who regularly places Binary Options trades on the retail market sector will know that when an Executive leaves any company, based on the track record of that Executive, there can be an instant reaction in regards to the share price of that company.

One of the most traded on companies based in the retail market sector is the mighty Marks and Spencer whose shares are famed for being quite volatile at the best of time. However, it has just been announced that another Executive in charge of one of their departments has just left which is the second Executive to leave the company recently.

It was the turn of Frances Russell to decide to leave Marks and Spencer, in charge of one of the most important departments at Marks and Spencer that being head of women’s wear this news could now see this huge retail company taking another hit to their share value.

However, it is worth noting that the women’s wear department had been struggling for quite some time with a large drop in sales, and coupled with the recent departure of John Dixon who was head of clothing this could possibly see a turnaround in those two departments if Marks and Spencer can find someone to breathe new life into both of those two struggling departments.

One problem that Marks and Spencer do appear to be having is to find a clothing range that hits the mark with consumers, however with many of the low cost clothing retailers such as Primark snatching away large amounts of Marks and Spencer’s trade this may be something of an uphill task.

In view of the two recent Executive departures shares in Marks and Spencer have fallen by 3.5p to 546.5p per share, and that decrease in value may continue for some time yet. With the summer clothing range currently available it will probably not be until the autumn when the next range of clothing in launched that any turn around in the fortunes at Marks and Spencer will be determined.

Any potential turnaround will of course be determined by the success of the autumn and winter collections only if they prove to be popular with consumers. If you are interested in placing Binary Option trades on the retail market sector then keep an open mind on companies such as Marks and Spencer, for whilst some of their departments are doing well there are several of them which are not and may not perform reasonably or even exceptionally well for quite some time yet.

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