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Airex Inc. Launches Market Partner Program

AIREX MarketAirex Inc., a market partner program that gives website traffic, clients, employees, and customers of companies worldwide access to financial information, applications, and reports to help retain customers and increase revenue, recently announced the launch of an Airex Market Partner (AMP) Program.

The program has been created in collaboration with six partners, including Marco Polo New World, Informed Technical Investor, and Securities Finance Monitor. It is an international service that provides a personalized, co-branded, and turnkey AIREX Market to companies, enabling them to offer their website visitors, clients, employees, and customers a wide range of financial applications, reports, and information.

One of the aims of Airex is to be a one-stop shop of financial application market research for investment decisions and financial analysis.

The AIREX Market, which was established a year back, offers one million unbundled products that can be individually purchased from a wide range of prominent sellers such as FactSet Research Systems, Standard & Poor’s, Morningstar, and Nasdaq.

It is expected to receive millions of new products from hundreds of vendors worldwide in the following month. Each partner who has signed up for the AMP Program will gain access to these products and their sellers and can choose desired products and vendors on their personal AIREX Market.

A large number of investors are associated with the six companies that collaboratively created and launched the AMP Program, and many more partners are expected to sign for the AIREX program in the near future. This in turn will make AIREX Markets visible across a wide range of financial firms, including commercial and investment banks, brokers, exchanges, fintech companies, brokerage firms, fund administrators, consultancies, wealth management platforms, and many more.

Christian Robertson, the chief executive officer of Marco Polo New World, said:

With the largest global footprint, Marco Polo New World enables hundreds of brokers and institutions to trade in virtually any market throughout the world via a single connection. The AMP Program allows us to offer these firms instant search, discovery, purchase, and consumption of various products and services from a single place in a way that was never before possible.

Marco Polo is continually looking for cutting edge products like AIREX Market to enhance our unique offering in the marketplace and deepen our relationships with clients.

AMP Program partners can gain access to AIREX Markets free of cost, making it a profit center as partners get a share in revenue for all products they sell in their marketplaces.

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